Optimizing Auto-DR and Distributed Energy Resources for the Future Network

image Utilities around the world are under increasing pressure to accommodate energy efficiency, control load, and integrate distributed energy resources such as renewables. These factors plus a changing regulatory environment are driving new requirements for network resiliency, flexibility, and power quality -- all of which impact the traditional utility business case. For utilities to thrive in this changing market, they must embrace greater network agility and work with customers to maximize value for all stakeholders in the value chain.

The 3rd Annual Demand Response & DER World Forum, October 10-11, 2016 in Chicago will bring together professionals from around the world to explore the latest auto-DR and distributed energy resources strategies for meeting the changing energy landscape of the 21st Century. Technology innovators and business leaders will discuss the evolving role of ADR and emerging network control technologies in enabling an integrated and flexible network that accommodates a range of energy generation resources, marketplace entities, and prosumer customers.

Topics To Be Addressed Include:

  • Advances in automated load forecasting, planning and management
  • Implementing new and innovative business models
  • Integrating with building energy management control systems
  • Standards-based ADR: recent developments and drivers
  • Ancillary services such as load following and contingency reserves
  • Managing and interconnecting distributed energy resources
  • Implementing an effective peak load reduction system
  • Addressing challenges and hurdles for ADR market participation
  • Enabling energy efficiency and conservation
  • Next-generation virtual power plants
  • Reaching and serving the residential customer
  • Commercial and industrial end-use applications
  • Transactive Energy advances and the future of the network
  • Leveraging and integrating onsite generation, microgrids, and energy storage
  • Integrated operational systems for greater grid agility and flexibility
  • Market forecasts and international opportunities
  • Case studies and lessons learned to date

An Open, Cross-Stakeholder Networking Event

Global in Focus
Network with industry colleagues from around the world who are shaping the future energy network

Objective and Authoritative
In-depth presentations and panel discussions address the very latest technology advances and business issues facing DR / DER deployment

Timely and Strategic
Discuss the implications of recent court rulings, market drivers, and policy trends shaping the next-generation smart grid / demand response industry

Interactive and Practical
Key case studies and lessons learned from the field will help attendees gain real-world insight into DR / DER success strategies and best practices

Who Should Attend?

  • Large wholesale renewable energy generators -- wind and solar
  • Energy professionals at municipal, investor-owned, and rural utilities
  • Energy managers at commercial and industrial end-user organizations
  • Regional transmission system operators
  • Curtailment service providers
  • Building energy management (BEM) companies
  • Regulators and government policy makers
  • DR aggregators
  • IT and software providers
  • Smart grid technology providers and network operators
  • Communications network service providers and vendors
  • Financial and venture capital professionals
  • Consultants and system integrators
  • Researchers, analysts, and university professionals


    Don't miss this opportunity to network with key peers and refine strategies for optimizing the grid's agility, flexibility, and responsiveness